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An “Art Explosion”!


An ART EXPLOSION begins this March 28th, 2014 in San Antonio, Texas to be held at 733 and 734 New Braunfels Ave. Community activist, Norma Witherspoon, offers the genesis location for an historic restoration project intended to seed her community’s pride and their responsibility for sustainable improvements in their district. These initial locations on New Braunfels Ave. will be hosting their neighborhood project debuted as a welcome for visitors, and all others entering San Antonio by way of I35@ New Braunfels Ave. thoroughfare.  Art mural paintings will be created for display first at the 733 location. This art rendered and presented goes along with an art workshop series designed for neighborhood children of all ages. Workshops will be held on the parking lot of  Cool Scoops at 734 New Braunfels. Ernesto Olivo of Art Pace San Antonio and Will Bermudez of Art Syntropy Project are conducting these Goings On along with Arts Convergence.

All Welcome! We look forward to seeing you there and then.

21 Mar 2014

Arts Convergence



To advance the Arts in communications throughout contemporary culture well affecting the quality of life and education resources.



It is our vision to contribute to the expansion of opportunity for artists and creative individuals to express their ideas with autonomy, respect and liberty of self-expression. To support colaborations where the potential for partnership exists, therewith to forward significant and/or new inventions of thought, material, media and presentations content.

Arts Convergence intent is to serve community through arts production, education and promotions, to benefit cross cultural exchange of ideas affecting the common good and enlighten goals through aesthetics input and crossover education developments.

21 Mar 2014

Redbud Projects

Arts Convergence recent projects with Redbud include a series of touring Texas International exchange exhibits curated by Gus Kopriva  for REDBUD PROJECTS. His selections reveal timely ideological commentary relevant  to the artists’ personal world view; alongside these, Kopriva presents a historic exhibition of German Expressionist art that is politically pertinent  to our explosive global times.



Click on catalog icons below for more information on each project:

REDBUD future works in progress:


“True North; Sculpture on the Boulevard ,” by Gus Kopriva for REDBUD Projects, Houston. “True North” is projected for Houston, Texas 2014.

“30 Degrees North; Works from the Lone Star”, by Gus Kopriva for REDBUD Projects, Houston. “30 Degrees North” opens in Cairo, Egypt, projected 2014; traveling to Thessaloniki, Greek Macedonia, spring 2015.


20 Mar 2014

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20 Mar 2014